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Dedicated to supporting your child with the best evidence based therapeutic interventions.

We help your child find life changing confidence

At our practice we support children and teenagers in a family friendly setting, using bespoke treatment plans and therapies with a multidisciplinary input.

Getting started is as simple as...

15 Minute Call


A 10 – 15 minute phone consultation aimed at providing the best advice as to which service/assessment is required.

Formal Assessment


A formal assessment is then booked in. Once the assessment is completed, a written report will be provided within 2 weeks.

Therapy Sessions


Therapy options are then discussed and, if required, liaison with school/preschool and other professionals is initiated.

“Children with autism are colorful – they are often very beautiful and, like the rainbow, they stand out.”

- Adele Devine

We're a family

Our aim is to create a sense of family that feels just like home.

Areas of focus

Speech Pathology

Communication is a critical skill for all children and teenagers. It’s a key requirement for playing, learning and establishing friendships. It's a skill that your child will use throughout their life.

Early identification and intervention for communication difficulties will make a significant impact on your child's development. Our goal is to assist your child to communicate as effectively as possible across all environments.

Occupational Therapy

Children’s lives are comprised of playing, learning and making friends. To confidently be able to engage in these activities a child requires appropriate fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual skills, sensory and processing skills.

This is what we focus on with occupational therapy. Our goal is to enable your child to participate in all activities as confidently as possible.

Autism Assessments

Current research suggests that the earlier a child is accurately diagnosed with ASD and begins affective therapy and interventions, the better the developmental outcomes for the child. Diagnosis of ASD requires a comprehensive assessment progress. It includes gathering information from a range of sources, typically an interview with a parent, observing the child in their home and/or at school.

At our practice we offer a comprehensive assessment for ASD which involves:

- the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition (ADOS-2), which has been rated as the most reliable diagnostic tool recognised by international ASD experts

- the Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R) which is a structured parent interview that assists in the reliable diagnosis of ASD

- parent rating & observation scales

- detailed speech pathology assessment

- detailed occupational therapy assessment

These are chosen according to your child’s age and developmental levels.

Castle Hill Speech Therapist Mary Dionisatos

Mary Dionisatos

B.App.Sc. Speech Pathology M.InEd

Mary is a certified practicing speech pathologist, with a primary interest in children with Developmental Delays/Syndromes and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Her passion for these children has led her to a Master of Inclusive Education (in Autism), PECS training, TEACCH trained, accreditation to administer the ADOS and ADIR, ABA training and currently working towards completing her ESDM training.

Mary’s has spent over 14 years as treating and managing therapy plans for children with autism, running social skills groups and running school based programs.

The team

Castle Hill Speech Therapist Laman Yusufova

Laman Yusufova


Laman has a particular interest in child speech difficulties and the impact this can have on communication and literacy.

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Castle Hill Speech Therapist Sophia Finch

Sophia Finch


Sophia has a particular interest in neurological conditions, intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Castle Hill Speech Therapist Parvathi Subramaniam

Parvathi Subramaniam

B.App.Sci. (Occupational Therapy) Hons

Parv is passionate about creative, individualised and evidence-based therapy. She has a specific focus in emotional regulation, group therapy and challenging behaviour

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Castle Hill Speech Therapist Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson


Michelle has spent 15+ years in medical administration, working previously in a specialist ultrasound clinic.

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“It's really cool that everybody is a little different but the same too.”

- Julia, Sesame Street

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