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Castle Hill Speech Therapist Laman Yusufova

Laman Yusufova

Laman is passionate about providing holistic care for clients. She aims to achieve communication goals that are important for the client and family, whilst making therapy relaxed, fun, and engaging.

Laman studied at Macquarie University for her Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences and went on to complete her studies at the University of Sydney; completing a Masters of Speech and Language Pathology. She has provided speech pathology services to adults with communication and swallowing difficulties as well as to children with a range of communication difficulties. Laman has a particular interest in child speech difficulties and the impact this can have on communication and literacy.

Laman believes in the large and often underestimated impact of communication difficulties on every client and their family; child or adult and strives to empower people to find their best and most functional way of communicating.