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Castle Hill Speech Therapist Viktorija Macens

Viktorija Macens

Viktorija thrives on connecting with people through music. Her journey has led her through being a photographer, becoming a mother, a piano teacher and finally, by studying a Masters of Creative Music Therapy at WSU, to a full realisation of her skill-set - as a music therapist.

She brings to her work a creative spirit, integral to addressing the diverse needs and modes of perception and communication of her clients. With an eclectic musical background spanning folk music, classical and jazz, an initial love of the piano was augmented with piano accordion, guitar, ukulele, recorder and violin. She loves world music, the natural world and thinking “outside the box”.

Her music therapy work has led her to engage with children, teenagers and adults with diverse therapeutic needs, the older generation residing in aged care facilities as well as the energetic and multifaceted nature of facilitating music sessions for young children in childcare centres.

She feels that working as a music therapist provides heartfelt opportunities for connecting, supporting and giving whilst achieving results in social, communication, physical, emotional and cognitive goal areas. The human connection, occurring naturally in a musical exchange, definitely makes all this possible.